Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Okay. So months ago (before Christmas to be exact) I had this great idea for my thesis: Valerius Flaccus and locus horridus landscapes. I'd just come off the back of some great stuff in Lucan, and a cursory glance the VF suggested that there was some good stuff there too. And - for once - there was a crown for my glory: Medea and the grove of the Golden Fleece, which would cap the other material I was writing and nicely bookend the chapter with the witch Alcimede (Jason's mom) and Medea - prepsychobitchfromhell, natch.

Anyway. So I get through 3/4 of the work, and feel quite good about it -until I get to Medea. Which doesn't fit after all. So it's back to the beginning again for a thorough re-jigging.

Damn thing's due in on Thursday.